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September Newsletter

posted Sep 10, 2014, 4:49 AM by George Grace
Priorities for 2014/15
The September Board meeting of the Town Team was soley to set priorities for the forthcoming year. Nearly 50 feasible ideas for projects were received from businesses and other interested parties which were voted upon and are set out below in priority order. We expect to be able to deliver at least half of these projects in the forthcoming year.
Projects for 2014-15
1.Shaun the Sheep – sponsor a sheep
2.Hanging baskets - £40per basket up to max 100 fairly distributed across the BID
3.Events and Markets Manager
4.Plaster Marketing, PR and Website Support etc
5.Christmas Lanterns December 6th – to start Tobacco Factory end of North St and incorporate whole of North St, and part of East St; integrate into a North St Christmas Event (details tbc); shops may use lanterns as displays afterwards
6.Upfest Annual Event 2015 – one of the largest events in Bristol with c25,000 now attending. Cost to host is £60k in total. Agreed that one large artwork will be completed on East St to test whether shoppers are interested in this as a way of improving East Streets attractiveness
7.Skills Week – repeat and grow last year’s event – in particular around evening economy ideas (eg small music and dance events in which audience encouraged to take part more; and/or break outs how to learn a musical instrument?
8.Purchase Christmas lights
9.Mill Square (on Mill Lane)  - new road surface, planters, benches, artwork, kids plaything
10.Hanging baskets in West St community hub – Tesco paid until May 2015 but TT to pick up thereafter
11.Show of Strength – Let’s Do it in the Street  – ie a repeat of last year’s successful run (more days of shows, two different 45 minute walks each day)
12.Shop Loyalty Card – simple loyalty card scheme copying ideas of a proven scheme (Penarth) in which c1500 cards are printed and sold at £1 each to est 50 businesses for resale to customers; also 5x £10 vouchers to be won each month for ‘first to use their card’
13.Metal sculptures to be made for outside of the shops that would represent what they sold so for example- the butcher might have a cow head, AV might have a gramophone
14.Shop Front Improvement Scheme – grants to catalyse poorly presented shops to improve appearances
15.Christmas Lights – Installation, Mending, Storage of our own lights on East, North and West St
16.BOB Best of Bedminster – try to catalyse the return of BOB by offering an early £2k grant to the organisers to ensure the event for 2015
17.Festoon Lighting
18.Advertising - purchase 12 months of ads eg in Clifton Life(17 editions = £1445)
19.Christmas Trees on North Street (50 for brackets plus lights)
20.Artists Studios above the shop – work with owners of empty space above shops to rent out v cheaply to artists (avoids Decent Home Standards etc which makes proper renovation prohibitive)
21.Art in Windows above the shops – unsightly boarded up windows above shops to have art installed into window frames (probably of people and ideally with wit)
22.‘Food Connections’ on North Street’ – piggy back this major Bristol wide foodie event by putting on an appropriate North Street offering tbc
23.A competition in art college, upper schools etc to design a flag for North St - winning design would be used
24.BS3T Guide for tourists and thus distribution at Bristol Tourist Centre and city centre hotels and bars
25.Bristol Green Capital Project – support NP Green Walkways Project in which walkways lead to the retail streets
26.PCSO for whole BID area but special focus on East St – seek match funding from police for max investment of £8,000
27.Purchase generator (for markets, events etc)
28.BS3 Free Post code Lottery - monthly prizes donated by local businesses
29.Accessibility Survey (as presented to the Board by the UWE academics)
30.Navigation Maps for Pedestrians in c3x locations
31.Websites Integration– integrate customer facing by providing pages for and business facing website and for GBCP. ie focus all stakeholders to one single core information source.
32.Best Shop Window similar to Bedminster Good Garden Award
33.Street Art Tours – many tourists to Bristol are for street art but focus on Stokes Croft and Nelson St. Bedminster is missing out. TT to match £500 by Upfest to explore ways (tbc and to satisfaction of TT (not a minibus)) to bring these visitors to Bedminster for the good of the area.
34.Autumn Event 'Day and Night in Lower North St' - bunting
35.Welcome to North St ‘Gateway’ Arch
36.Shop/buildings improvements match funding scheme - eg match fund shops c£300 ea
37.‘Branding’ of North St
38.Gateway Art or Greening– wherever possible/relevant – c/f from 2013
39.Bench (or other sculptures)
40.East Street Events Manager (weekly small mkt and 2x annual 'event')
41.Fabric Banners – to change 2x pa
42.Bollards and Adjacent Tarmac Arts Project – drawing inspiration from NY Times Square – probably via stencil(?) to ensure the sheer quantity may be covered cost effectively
43.Crossing Island – for pedestrians between the two zebra crossings
44.Cycle racks (Minuteman and Taunton Leisure end)
45.Follow up on West Street parking audit carried out some months ago, and create more spaces
46.Gateway art/sculpture on Halfords green at entrance to West St
47.Support West St Traders in getting better pavements, traffic control, traffic reduction, junctions
48.Cover for Mill Square – ie to weather proof

Other News
St Catherine’s Place Redevelopment
The Town Team has been an active supporter of the redevelopment of this long since failed shopping centre. A decision had been expected in August but has been deferred. We hope to report more progress soon.
Burger Joint, North Street
This new and positive addition to North Street has been at loggerheads with the council’s planning enforcement team regarding their decking. The Town Team has been an active supporter of the business writing letters of support etc to ensure the decking remains as it adds to the vibe, bustle etc on North Street and indeed is the sort of intervention we would like to see more not less of in other parts of the area.
Residents Parking Scheme
This is in advanced stages of planning in the Southville area. The Town Team have made many representations to the council regarding certain elements of the proposals which give us great concern – see letter below. We will continue to push for more opportunities for customer car parking in the next stage despite our feedback largely being ignored thus far (we understand Clifton businesses had considerable success achieving late changes to plans).
More Bedminster News:
  • For businesses - full details of all the Town Team’s Board’s decisions may be found on the business facing website:  
Letter to Bristol City Council Re RPS:
Town Team Deeply Disappointed in Response to our RPS Consultation Feedback
I refer to the latest meeting with you and the Town Team (Built Environment Group) in respect of RPS in Southville.
You will recall following a series of highly constructive meetings with you over this past month in which we sought to represent the collective view of the c400 businesses in the BID and Town Team we summarised our feedback below.
In particular at No.1 we highlighted an important and constructive suggestion/solutin that: A minimum of 50% of all roads leading/contiguous with North Street are shared P&D and RPS (the shared spaces being the shopping end (we do not support all the shared spaces being on Upton Road, several minutes walk away).
We are deeply disappointed that almost no regard has been taken for what I recall everyone thought was a most constructive solution that balanced the needs of traders v. residents; did not put an unreasonable burden on the residents of Upton Road; and instead shared the 'burden' of providing extra car parking spaces to support North Street shopping with housing situated most close to the shops and thus able to relate at least to some degree with the different needs.
We would be most grateful if you can again feedback our concerns on this point for North Street (the whole of North St including the western end which is already a very challenged retail location).
We hope to hear from you and your colleagues with reassurances that this may be re-examined before it is too late and are grateful to you for the constructive manner in which you have conducted this process to date.
George Grace
for Bedminster Town Team
Our priorities are that:
1.     A minimum of 50% of all roads leading/contiguous with North Street are shared P&D and RPS (the shared spaces being the shopping end (we do not support all the shared spaces being on Upton Road, several minutes walk away)
2.     North Street should be dedicated to P&D only and not shared with RPS
3.     P&D is extended to an hour free not half an hour and that the first half hour is 'properly free' (ie the first hour and a half is £1)
4.     P&D should operate 6 days per week including Saturdays
5.     Our Bedminster Parking 250 Project is properly recognised with as many unnecessary double yellow lines in/adjacent to the shopping area made available for shoppers - in our view Raleigh Road is an excellent example of this with dozens of spaces immediately available
6.     There is net gain of shopping car parking spaces post RPS/P&D relative to the current situation given our own Bedminster Parking 250 Project calculated c200 spaces being freed up
7.     Feedback: we require 'scientific' feedback of the impact of RPS here and in other areas of the city where it has already been introduced (in particular impact on shops £ turnover - the Town Team will support this process and already has five businesses volunteering information)

Key Contacts

Simon Dicken, Wilkinson, East St:
Ben Barker, GBCP: 
George Grace: